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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

1. What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper serves as an extension to the mattress, providing it with extra cushioning and support. If your existing mattress needs a pick-me-up, a mattress topper can give it a new lease of life, as well as offering an alternative to buying a brand new mattress.


2. Why buy a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers add an extra layer of cushioning to a bed that’s lost its plumpness. If your mattress suffers from being too firm, it can soften the sleeping surface considerably. A mattress topper can also extend the life of your mattress, making it a cost-effective alternative to buying a brand new one.

3. The different types of foam mattress toppers (Standard or Gel)

Standard Memory Foam

Choosing a mattress topper on how you like to sleep. The filling affects the softness, thickness and general feel of the mattress topper.

Memory foam toppers feel luxurious to sleep on. They mould around your body shape and relieve the pressure on your joints. The denser they are, the more supportive they are.

Gel Memory Foam – for hot sleepers is specifically built if you overheat. It helps creates a cooling sensation which can help keep you comfortable especially in warmer weather.

4. Mattress topper thickness

The thickness of topper you need depends on the age, feel and condition of your mattress.

The thickest mattress toppers, up to 8cm, are best for rejuvenating tired, old mattresses.

Toppers of up to 5cm thick offer a good level of comfort and support.

If your mattress is relatively new, a thinner topper of 3-4 centimetres can give it a more luxurious feel.


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Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

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